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Stormtrooper - Hope Springs Eternal

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Gereleased in: 2012
Album: The SZ Factor [LVHz003]


You happy?
It's a simple question, are you happy?
-You made me happy, you made me fucking insane
So I never made you happy?
I made you insane?
-I mean, once upon a time, you made me happy
-But then you made me crazy, and that was okay too
-But then I, I evolved
You outgrew me, I understand
And I didn't?
-No, you stayed right in the crazy zone
I would say we loved each other too much
Too much
And I think we made the mistake of getting it right the first time, and that put an insane amount of pressure on us to keep it going
And we buckled

You know what I miss most about?
I miss your smell
I couldn't wash the sheets because I didn't want to lose that completely
And it fucked me up for a long time because I would wake up and I'd smell you and I'd think you were there
And that would... my heart would break all over again

Look at that, you see?
-Why do you have to say shit like that?
If I can make you laugh like that, why can't we be together?
That's what I don't understand
-You know what?
-You don't want to be with me
-You think... I know you think you do
-But if I were to give myself to you, you would run for the hills
-'Cause you're not in love with me
-You're in love with the idea
-The idea of love

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