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Unexist ft. Satronica - Fuck The System

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Gereleased in: 2010
Album: The Future Disease [ISR091]


Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck the system [2x]

I'm alive, fuck the world
When I get lit my vision's blurred
So fuck all their authority
The war in me knows the fucking enemy
It's the system and all of its bullshit
Blow it up and everyone in it
Fuck their authority [2x]
Life sucks and then you're left dead
I ain't let them fuck my head
I say, they're never gonna break me
Hate me, what you've done for me lately?
Shut up! Why the fuck don't you make me?
System, system, thanks for creating me!

Peace, love and anarchy
I don't fuck with you, so don't fuck with me
I believe, in a free state
Man-made shit will disintegrate
So fuck their authority
Fuck their authority [2x]

Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck the system [5x]

Fuck the system [4x]

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