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Hellfish - Humalien (Tieum Remix)

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Gereleased in: 2002
Album: Professional Psycho [Deathchant 41]


I believe that I can convince you beyond the shadow of a doubt that we-we know what we talking about
Very well, go ahead
Take it away

Congratulations, a port or shandy

But whatever is inside there is still ticking away
We've tried everything else

Once I have emptied your mind, you will be dead

What other choices have we?

Why don't we try attacking the aliens' headquarters with a reverse energy burst?
-It could backfire and destroy all of us
I know

It will appear as if you died of thirst in the event you were found by any humans in the area

Wait a minute, I'm not the enemy

Must've transferred me out of their machine

Now wait a minute (human)
What is this mumbo jumbo?
And who are you?
-They must be beings from another planet
I'd already thought of that

Isn't that the force field?
-No, this is a mind-reading device
With it, I intend to extract from your brain all the knowledge it possesses
Let's try
Once I've emptied your mind

Something wrong?
Another hour away

Some kind of-
Shall we go down and join them?

You're being held there by a magnetic force
We can hold you there indefinitely

Alien complex
Use my private tie-line

You humans have become most annoying
We are now going to take action against you

Now, that should prove something to you

And your bag of tricks convinces me of nothing

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