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Delete - D

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Gereleased in: 2010
Album: Pure Spoonage E.P [SPOON 001]


It's no secret, we're living in a culture of addiction
Nearly 20 percent of the population
Can now be classified as addicts

Substance D

Substance D (D [?x])

In many of those taking Substance D
A split between the right hemisphere
And the left hemisphere of the brain occurs
Which results in a defect within both the percept and cognitive systems
Although apparently the cognitive continues to function normally

If there's damage to the left hemisphere
Where the linguistic skills are normally located
Then sometimes the right hemisphere
Will fill in to the best of its ability

Substance D

(D [?x])

D is for dumbness and despair and desertion
Desertion of your friends from you
You from your friends
Everyone from everyone

D is, finally, death


Damage has taken place to the normally dominant left hemisphere
And the right hemisphere is attempting to compensate

D [2x]

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