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State of Emergency - The Vortex Of Vengeance (Negative A & Counterfeit Remix)

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Gereleased in: 2012
Album: The Vortex of Vengeance (Official Masters of Hardcore Anthem) [MOHDIGI037]


The Vortex of Vegeance

The trail to the absolute truth
Will be unsealed (unsealed)
Since human awareness earth has been deceived

Movement (Movement)
Kingdom (Kingdom)

The shaped delusion will cease to an end
Our authentic origin
Yet the present, deceitful perception, will not coexist (Coexist)

With masses we march to the unquestionable veracity
We enter the orbit of reality
Masters of Hardcore
The Vortex of Vengeance

The vortex is rising
With masses we stand
This is no delusion
The masters command
Break free from the seizure
That is a vow
State of Emergency
Vengeance is now

Masters of Hardcore

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