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Ruffneck & Ophidian - A Decade Of Enzyme Mashup

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Gereleased in: 2012
Album: Various ‎– A Gathering Of Styles Part 04 [ENZYME 040]


Coke-cokesniffer [4x]
Eat the fucking floor
Coke-cokesniffer [2x]

Are you crazy?
Enzyme Records
Do not fuck with us

Drop-drop the bass
Don't hate me, hate the money I see
Do it now
Oh-oh that hurt!

You don't know anything about me

Your faith brings death!

Do you know what the scariest thing is?
I'm feeling fear again
To not know your place in this world
To not know why you're here
That's... that's just an awful feeling

Sometimes I have these dreams

There were so many times I questioned myself
Maybe it's me
I almost gave up hope
So many sacrifices...
I gotta maintain
'Cause stress on the brain
Can lead to a motherfucking suicide thing


Hardcore, you pussy motherfuckers!
How do you explain the origin of everything there is?
Creatures must know things in order to survive

Better shut your trap when my dogs around
We pissing on fire hydrants, so walk around, bitch!

I will make him pay!
You sucker!
Hey DJ bring that back
Rock it to your goddamn brain, come on!

Bring the lights down
We're gonna do something real serious!
All the way in the back from the back to sides to the front
Light it up

We are ...
Bring it on!

I'll crush you!
What the fuck is that?
Bang, justice!
Don't make me shoot y'all

The time is now
Time has come for you to sail into battle and be victorious
Don't be afraid
Only the weak are afraid
And as long as I am with you
You shall prevail!

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