Shoutbox: [12:18] BertusBaklip: Ik zal de discussie nog ff aanwakkeren. Het was gewoon een trackachtig bestand van Nvitral zelf, zonder uberhaupt een naam, die hij live editte. Helaas dus sws nergens te vinden.

Psyko Punkz - Love This Life

Track details

Gereleased in: 2013
Album: Love This Life


We love this life

The drinks are flowing
All the ladies look so good
I'm here with my friends looking for a good time
We got disco biscuits, hard liquor, hardstyle
We love this life

You can feel the energy
We look like an army of hardstyle soldiers
Tell the DJ to throw down a killer package
We don't wanna go to sleep
Oh man, we love this life

We love this life

My heart is pumping so hard
It's about to burst out of my chest
Man I need a drink or something
When you party with us
There is never a dull moment
We turn up and stay turned up
We love this life

We love this life [2x]

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