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Promo - Counter Attack

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Gereleased in: 1999
Album: Patterns In Chaos [FILE:005]


Now that I've got y'all attention, shut the fuck up

Hahaha, OH!

Clap your hands... [?x]
Just a little bit louder!

My, my, my, my, my, don't we all look fine tonight?
Oh yeah, we've come to worship alright
But I've got a little special something for you all tonight
The kind of thing that they tell you not to listen to
That they tell you it's bad for you
That they tell you is wrong
How can it be wrong?!

Fuck you, you tall, linky ass, double mint pinchin lookin, cow tippin' bonnie phi-phone, crack-ass, dick-nose, southern fried bammer ass, biatch!

I don't appreciate you broke-ass Bonnie and Clyde, Ren and Stimpy, Martin jingle-looking motherfucker coming down to my shit
Getting on my program like that

Clap your hands
Just a little bit louder!


Clap your hands... [?x]
Just a little bit louder!


That's right
Enough of this (...) shit
It's hot down here
I got on a triple fat goose
I ain't washed my ass in two days
I couldnt get no pootang from my partner here
And now y'all down here chuckling (...)
Do (...) like everything is alright

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