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Outblast & Drokz - Black 04 (The Hardest State of Emergency)

Track details

Gereleased in: 2004
Album: Various - Unleash The Beast [MOH40]


Deathcore [?x]

The seventh angel pours out his violence in the air
They are voices and thunders and lightning
There are great earthquakes, mighty earthquakes
The great city divided into 3 parts
The cities of a nations fall
The islands flow away and the mountains can not be found
The great of pale is exceeding great
The rivers and fountains of water have become blood
Every living soul dies in the sea
Men have been scorched with great heat
The sky is full of darkness
Children are killing children
Weapons of destruction are the playthings of the mad
Man blasphemes the name of God
It's a total insanity

Deathcore! [2x]

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