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Enzyme X - Dissonant Poetry (Third Verse By Synapse & Sei2ure)

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Gereleased in: 2004
Album: Dissonant Poetry / Rauwkost [ENZYME X 16]


Where do we come from?
How do you explain that some things live and other things don't?
How do you explain the origin of everything there is?

The problem of knowledge surfaces as a real practical inposition on life itself

How is it we come to know anything?
And on what basis do we undertake the search for answers to questions?

To get from here to there, there are things we must know
To rescue ourselves from certain dangers, there are things we must know
To be able to vanquish an enemy, there are things we must be able to do
Problems we must be able to solve
Creatures must know things in order to survive

What kind of life should I be living?
And why is there so much intranquility?
Why is it that we have wars?

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