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Wavolizer & Creators Project - Lake of Pain

Track details

Gereleased in: 2011
Album: Various - Collaboration EP 2011 Part 1 [THER-051]


Quick, take the picture

Screw you, fucking doubter!


Oh, that was quicker than I hoped
The artist swims in a lake of pain
Sometimes he evolves into something magnificent
Sometimes he drowns

What's that look?
You don't like it do you?
I don't need to be judged by you!
Screw you, fucking doubters!
Here is what I say to all of you!

I'm sorry for that outburst
You have to forgive an old fool his artistic temperament
The earth is so close now
The labor pains can blur the judgment and drive the passion of even the finest spirits

It.. is.. accomplished

Could you possibly think I would meet with my public now?
When I am preparing unbelievable

No, no!

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