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Art of Fighters - Redemption

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Gereleased in: 2007
Album: Art Of Fighters Also Introducing Meccano Twins - AOF [TRAX CD65]



We reap what we sow
That's what the Bible says
Payback's a motherfucker
I think James Brown said that

Same shit
We all know the story...
Or at least we pretend we do
The Hindus have a word for it; karma

They believe in reincarnation
That a man pays in the next life
Well, guess my life was pretty extraordinary
Keeps on paying too

Till he gets it right
If I had to do it all over again
Left me with time to focus
Among other things


Heroin is definitely an industry with some serious growth potential

Maybe more now than ever
I hated this feeling that I had
They believe in reincarnation
So I'm back

Yup, no doubt about it

Maybe I was
Maybe I wasn't


So I'm back

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