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The Outside Agency - Backpack Wisdom

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Gereleased in: 2012
Album: The Dogs Are Listening [adn162]


One, two [?x]
One, two, three, get loose now

I'm amped, and I'ma shoot every motherfucker out there

So step up if you wanna get hurt
I stole your girl while you were in prison

Remember me, the one you got your technique from?

I represent from midnight to high noon

If you wanna bring it, we can bring it, we can swing it-swing it

The only way you hang is by the neck

And when one shows he posed threat to this one
This one will make that one into none

One, two, three, get loose now

Just a little [?x]
Just a little somethin' to break the monotony of all that hardcore-hardcore-hardcore...

I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death

And I fear no man but my shadow, uh

This is one of those precious moments of ferocious payback

Mother-mother-mother-motherfuck white bitches

If you don't like it then chew my wood
I couldn't care less 'cause that's how I do

Hardcore rap, hou ’t allemaal in check

And holding my testicles

Dick, motherfucker, balls
Punkass, shitass
Dick, fuck, mother
Fuck, goddamn, fuck

I dress like an old man, so what?

Plus I don't smoke cigarettes

On the dance floor, never ever lie
Here we go one more time, uh

The style was plastic

The fight to the death

Eyes dusty, wet, butt-naked with my dick out

So-so I play Duck Hunt to avoid going to prison

Sesame street, peacock, big bird (yeah-yeah-yeah)

What the fuuuu-
Goddamn, that sucks

It can be done, but only I can do it

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