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Kali DTS - Partyraiser Styleee!

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Gereleased in: 2009
Album: Time To Raise The Party Vinyl


1, 2, 3, hit it!
It’s kinda creepy, hah?
Ladies and gentlemen
Do you wanna party?
Ladies and gentlemen
Check this out
You crispy green motherfuckers
Will be beating down every door in this city


You cannot stay in one place for more than one hour
You must spend the entire five hours inside, no matter what happens
Now, at your feet you will find a key that will allow you to remove your masks and face your fears
Remember, five floors, five girls, five hours

-It’s kinda creepy, hah?
-God, Jesus, come on!


-It’s kinda creepy, hah?
-God, Jesus, come on!

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