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Promo - Represent By Example

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Gereleased in: 2005
Album: Represent By Example Vinyl [T3RDM 0080]


Yo, I feel like, we need our confidence and self-esteem
And that's what I got now, my confidence and my self-esteem
People might be like, 'this nigga's conceited', whatever, but I think fuck it
I feel like I shine
And I don't give a fuck how much white people, the media, the niggas, black people, playa haters, police, whoever, try to darken my shine
I'ma always shine through

The day I stepped out
That's power!

I got that power from books
And from thinking
And by strategizing

All I wanna do is take them to where I was
When they didn't want to support me
And I know there'd be no support
And anybody that try to help them, I would destroy
Who ever it is, I would destroy, and that's what I'm doing
Anybody who try to side with them or do a record with them
Or try to unify with them, I'ma destroy

I know they can't touch me
That's why I can destroy them so fast

I said it in the beginning!
I'ma destroy

I'ma destroy, I swear to god

I'ma destroy, I swear to god

See, I'm all for positivity, I'm all for change
If it's all over and your shit ain't popping
Don't come in here and start criticizing as your comeback
Represent by example

I'ma destroy, I swear to god

I'ma destroy...
I'ma destroy...

Represent by example

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