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Radio shows / Darklime Show @ Fear.FM

darklime.carnage -
after that:
Darklime + 20% of Angerkick @ Fear.FM 22-11-12 [New Tracks August 2012 Pt.IV]
styles: mainly Mainstream Hardcore,one INDHC track and 3 Terror/Speedcore ones
Including Micromix By Angerkick (just 2 tracks) + Outro Track By Angerkick,that's why + 20%  :p
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last week of November:
Darklime @ Fear.FM 29-11-12 [New Tracks August 2012 Pt.V]
styles: UK Hardcore/Various Industrial Hardcore
darklime.carnage -
first week of December:
Darklime @ Fear.FM 06-12-12 [New Tracks August 2012 Pt.VI]
styles: (Industrial) Hardcore/Gabber
darklime.carnage -
this week:

Darklime @ Fear.FM 13-12-12 [Danger Zone 2 Edition II]
styles: Hardcore
Bonus Outro Track by Angerkick
BPM: 180
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this week:

Darklime @ Fear.FM 20-12-12 [Have A Nice Apocalypse Special]
styles: Various INDHC/UKHC/with few bits of Frenchcore/Terror
BPM: 205

and if we gonna survive nuclear apocalypse then next week 1 more Christmas set,then show would be over due to Fear.Fm shutdown in 2013
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last show:
Angerkick @ Fear.FM 27-12-12 [Merry Motherfucking Christmas & Fucked Up New Year Special 4 All The Apocalypse Surivors]
styles: Terror/Speedcore/Early Terror/Hardcore
BPM: 220

so this gonna be the last show due to Fear.FM shutdown in 2013

so here is a little announcement of what gonna happen in 2013: i'm gonna moove as guest/resident to Gabber.FM but my show not gonna moove with me,since i'd be given only once a month slot,so i figured that for the moment i'll make my "New Tracks" editions a standalone podcast/mix series to be posted on my soundcloud/blog,however if some radio would offer me to host a weekly show i would moove it there,currently August 2012 session is still in progress,if no offers till December 2012 sessions will end up,than that would be the end of it (but before that there is gonna be shitloads of sessions,that's for sure,maybe even enough to fill up till December 2013 hehe  :D),as for Replicant Editions series,they are over,since (for those who didn't know) main point of it was to play tracks by artists whos tracks appeared on my show before,so now it makes no sense what so ever,however,again,it may have a comeback if get a weekly slot at some other radio,as for now not a chance,oh and last but not least Danger Zone 2 Edition III gonna be released in a form of podcast at H.P.G. Detonator label (most likely next month or so),so that's all the news for now.

Merry Christmas Everyone Wish You All The Best In 2013 and Loads Of Great New Music
You Can Always Hear Me Around,See Ya!  :beer:

P.S. get fucked up as this song is suggesting  :D  :6:
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