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Synapse @ Signal Flow Podcast 41

Industrial Hardcore   Hardcore

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The 41st episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Synapse!

Up on today's podcast I present Synapse! For those not familiar with Synapse, he joined the Enzyme crew back in 2004. In that same year he released his first track on Enzyme K7-5 called “Renoised Sine”. Nowadays Timo wants to focus on the more experimental/intelligent hardcore, but won’t neglect other styles as well. He's put together a great mix for us! Sit back and enjoy the music!

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1. Mindustries - Craftiest Trick
2. Ophidian & Tapage - Head VI
3. Dither - Danger
4. Triax & Ruffneck - The Damned (Demon)
5. D-Passion - Done Talking
6. Dither - Epic failure
7. DJ Hidden - Dying Star
8. Tymon & Ophidian - The One
9. N-Vitral - Welcome To The Killzone
10. Eye-D & DJ Hidden - Rain
11. Ruffneck & Synapse - Reign Of Chaos
12. N3AR - Dominate
13. The Outside Agency - Headphone Wisdom
14. Synapse - D.M.T.
15. Limewax vs Bong-Ra vs Thrasher - Suck Satan's Cock
16. Ruffneck & Synapse - Denial of Evil (Evil)
17. Sei2ure - Rocket Salad
18. The Teknoist & Scheme Boy - Versus Unleashed (Gancher Remix)
19. Synapse - Hiresh
20. DJ Hidden - Times Like These VIP
21. Ruffneck & Synapse - Declaration Of Resistance
22. Weapon X - Coke Sniffer (Synapse Remix)
23. N-Vitral - Kling Klong
24. Sei2ure - Love from Hell
25. Ophidian - Abandon

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mooie tl, ben het alleen niet eens met ophidian - abandon. niet afsluiterwaardig voor synapse zijn doen.
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Future Signal Flow Podcast mixed by The Outside Agency, Tieum or Tymon? I WISH IT  :)