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Paul Blackout @ Signal Flow Podcast 43

Crossbreed   Industrial Hardcore

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The 43rd episode of the Signal Flow Podcast mixed by Paul Blackout!

Hailing from Australia I bring you Mr. Paul Blackout! He's put together a great mix for us today so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Turn it up loud! While you're listening take some time to visit his Facebook and Soundcloud page and give the man some love!

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1. Rush - Tom Sawyer
2. Naked Slice - One Two Three
3. Mindustries - The Drumming
4. Freethinker - What Happened To The Tune
5. Brainwash - Run For Me
6. A-Kriv & Overtrip - Play Me
7. Ruffneck & Synapse - Reign Of Chaos
8. Terminal Trauma - Manhunt 3
9. The DJ Producer - The Difference Between
10. Paulblackout - Highway 375
11. Detest - Dark Side
12. C-Netik - Cut The Pace
13. Peter Kurten, Sinecore & AirJ - Speciality
14. Forbidden Society & Deathmachine - Rude
15. Fiend & Paul Blackout - Human Killing Device
16. AK-Industry - Night Hunt Machine
17. Freethinker - 011
18. Paulblackout - Looks Like Zombie Dick (Tastes Totally Different)
19. Sadistic - Understand This!

Sm0keythebandit -
It's backwards!
There's no better drummer then neil peart

here's chester to support this fact.
DelugeOfSound [Moderator] -
Lekker dit _O_
HardT3K-Tic [Set Editor] -
06. A-kriv & Overtrip - "Play Me" - (Not Easy Tunes)  :worship:
Haatpiraat -
Holy shit  xD
ColinHQ -
Do you like owls?
DANG  8-)
The_Hidden -
Ghaarrrr mateys
04. Freethinker - "What Happened To The Tune" - (Threshold Driven)
05. Brainwash - "Run For Me" - (Audio Strobe)

 :L  (L)
hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
♪ ♫♫ ♪
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