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Industrial Hardcore   Darkcore

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Little mix i have recorded today....

Not uploaded/ done a mix in a while, so thought i should do one and share the love... Not had listen back or that, so fuck it, enjoy the darkness.....

Check out the pages for more music info and shit.....

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Switch Technique - Brain Mysteries (feat Egro)
Deathmachine - Artificial Genesis
Fifth Era - Gfe
Marc Arcadipane - We Have Arrived (Manu Le Malin Remix)
Moleculez - Flatline
The Outside Agency - Godspeed
Mindustries - Therapy
Deathmachine - Our Introduction (To Technology)
Cubic Nomad - Antidote
G Durieux - la matrice
The Peoples Republic of Europe - Maximum Control Zone
Sei2ure - Vengeance
Dep Affect - Polytone Propaganda
Peaky Pounder - viisi (N-Vitrals ultra new super hit version)
Mindustries - Bitz
Waldhaus - Abolish Authorities
The Outside Agency - Dream Denial
Sei2ure - Satisfy