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LSDB profiel: shaun_g4l
Geslacht: Man
Youtube: TheGnasher87
Partyflock: Gnasher

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Name: Shaun Paul DJ name: Gnasher From: Glasgow, Scotland Style of music played: Hardcore/ Industrial/ Darkcore/ Main stream Gabber As huge fan of harder styles of music, I have always had the ambition to play out music VERY loud to an audience and watch people having a good time enjoying the music. Over the years the styles/ genre’s of hardcore have just seemed to be got harder. At one point I was all about the main stream gabber and then it slowly progressed harder to hardcore techno, industrial, frenchcore, darkcore hard-d’n’b and terror. My inspiration into the harder styles has to be because (believe it or not) my mother, a crazy raver back in the good old days of the 24 hour raves and parties of the early 90’s. She would always come back after these big events with shit loads of cassette tapes of dj set’s such as Marc Smith, Scott Brown, Lenny Dee, and loads of others and I would sit and listen to them and that’s what got me into hardcore style music. I had my first club gig in 2011 at Scotland’s number 1 underground hardcore party and since then, I have been asked to play at more. I think that promoters have been interested in the style I play and also have been happy with the response of the crowds. In only the first year I have played out to crowds at various different parties and have been very honoured to play at the parties. In the next year I aim to start concentrating on making my own music (which has already begun). I have gained a lot of help from one of Scotland’s talented underground producers Calum Moore. But like I said, I will be aiming to do more producing myself and also will be continuing working alongside Calum. Recently I have been asked to host an online radio show once a month with Calum on where we will be providing the word with up and coming producers/ dj’s and also will be having guest mixes from established names in the scene. If there is anything else that you may like to know or would like to book me for a dj set, contact me on the below email address or Facebook address. Also please visit my artist “LIKE” page on Facebook for news of upcoming gigs, tracks and any other relevant information. Email: thegnasher@(remove this) Facebook artist page: