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Stampede @ Toxic Sickness Radio Debut Residency Show

Hardcore   Industrial Hardcore

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Started in 1996 working at a local radiostation. In those days he met several guest-DJ's who came spinning records during the evening shows. Since then he got fascinated in the art of Dj-ing and soon after that he bought his first records, mixer and turntables.
Very soon (1997) came is first performance at a DJ-contest at "De Toonzaal" in Oosterhout, where he ended as 3rd. Short after that, he ended as 2nd at the ID&T DJ-contest at the Megafestatie at the "Jaarbeurs" in Utrecht.
In the year 2000 he performed at his first big party: "Bone Attack at the Subway (aka Kadance) in Tilburg. After his first appearance on the small stage on that party, he became a resident DJ for the Subway on the mainstage during several occasions like "Strictly Hardcore" and "Radiation", where he shared the stage with DJ's like Paul Elstak, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Neophyte and Promo.
After the closing of the Subway in 2002, he played at some smaller parties. After a break of one year, he decided to pick things up again and participated at the "Megarave DJ-contest" in 2003. He was chosen out of many DJ's as one of the 10 DJ's who would perform at "Megarave 1993-2003".
Since 2004 he founded the Freestyle-concept "Pay-Back" what was held in Breda. Serveral local DJ's made their appearance on that stage, as well as the more popular DJ's like Human Resource, Yves, Dutchman Jack and Dr. Rude.
In the following years, he participated at several DJ-contest through Holland which resulted in some victories because of his technical mixing skills and adrenaline on stage.
After that, he played at several small and larger parties like "DJ Yves 40th b-day", "Pussy Motherfuckers", "Imperial Hardcore" and "T-Town Madness".
In 2008 he got interested in producing electronic music and since 2011 he started learning and creating hardcore-music as a producer. When will his first E.P. be released? Only time will stay tuned.

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1. The BeatKrusher - Play
2. DJ D - Dirty (Lowroller Remix)
3. Neophyte, The Viper & Tha Playah - Master This!
4. Alien T - This is a movement
5. Art Of Fighters & Endymion - Freaks
6. Negative A & Counterfeit - D.M.F.D.T.
7. F. Noize - Lord Of The Underground
8. DJ Mad Dog - The Flow (Advanced Dealer Remix)
9. Neox - Let's do this
10. Darkcontroller - Twisted Fuck (The Unfamous Remix)
11. Predator & Lowroller - Lunacy
12. System Overload - Pedal To The Metal
13. Partyraiser & Scrape Face - Serial Killah
14. Darkcontroller vs Non-Asylum - Dead Man Walking (Cryogenic Remix)
15. SRB - Dutchcore
16. Partyraiser & Darkcontroller - Our Power (Hardbouncer Remix)
17. Chrono - Ghetto Shit (Imperium Bass Remix)
18. The Visitor - Nothing To Regret
19. Björk - Mutual Core (NeoX Bootleg)
20. Bartoch - Fuck The DJ