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Penta @ Toxic Sickness Radio

Industrial Hardcore   Hardcore

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DJ Penta, Hardcore/industrial Hardcore Producer, DJ & Live-Act

Formerly known as DJ X-Razor, Resident DJ @ FEAR.FM & several other radio shows & local party's

Around the age of 14, X-razor started to get to know Hard-Techno & Industrial Hardcore. It started with some small underground parties and listening to some international sets by Amok, Sven Wittekind, Frank Kvitta and other HardTechno heroes. No long after that he started to evolve into the harder noize as he learned about Hellfish & Deathchant. More and more he started to attend the bigger events like Footworx vs Project, Bassleader for the Hardtechno & Hardcore and ILovetechno when there still was HardTechno...

The official Switch to Hardcore came when he started to discover the Third movement through Unexist, D-passion, Rude Awakening (Promo) & Sandy Warez.

From that day on his passion for the music grew day by day as hardcore & industrial hardcore became an everyday part on his life.

at 18 he decided that, eventhough he loved all the available sets, he wanted that to hear the music in his own way, with his own trackchoice. This resulted into trying to mix on his own. With his first paycheck he bought some nasty DJ-ing gear. taking the next step into his passion for the music.

After years of private mixing and only wanting to share his mixes with his close surroundings, the beginning of 2012 was the first step into full dedication to DJing & Producing! His introduction to the public got him a 1 year residency @ FEAR.FM untill the end of Fear.FM 31/12/2012

Close the yearend i decided to take a more professional DJ Name. So i decided to take a name that fits my style.

Since i spin 5 styles of hardcore i thought of Pentacore Industries. Later on in discussion with several labels i decided to cut back to just "Penta"

Starting December 2012 DJ X-Razor will henceforth be know as DJ Penta

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1. Mindustries - Intoxication of Power
2. Negative A & Counterfeit - Crazy & Deranged
3. Tymon - Dead Evil
4. ID (ID)
5. Sei2ure - Satisfy
6. Predator & Triax - Lunacy
7. ID (ID)
8. Negative A - One Man Army
9. E-Noid - Torture
10. Promo - Eternally Dark (I:Gor Remix)
11. Noizeskill - Gods violence
12. Deathmachine - The question
13. ID (ID)
14. ID (ID)
15. Mindustries - Facerocker (The Immobilizers remix)
16. Ruffneck, Gancher & Ruin - Heresy
17. Embrionyc - Thougths against Thoughts
18. Counterstrike & Cooh - Crowd Surfer (The Outside Agency Remix)
19. Detest - Evil Shadows
20. Negative A - Freebase
21. ID (Deathmachine - ID)
22. ID (The DJ Producer - ID)
23. ID (Tripped - ID)
24. ID (ID)
25. ID (ID)

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Mindustries - Intoxication of Power
Negative A & Counterfeit - Crazy & Deranged
Sei2ure - Satisfy
Predator & Triax - Lunacy
E-Noid - Torture
Promo - Hardshock 2014 Anthem (i:Gor remix)
Noizeskill - Gods Violence
Deathmachine - The Question
Mindustries - Facerocker ( Immobilizers Remix )
Ruffneck, Gancher & Ruin - Heresy
Embrionyc - Thougths against Thoughts
Cooh - Crowdrocker (TOA remix)
Detest - Evil Shadows
Negative A - Freebase
Deathmachine - ID
The DJ Producer - ID
Tripped - ID
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nice set once again!
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Thx maat!

Ik post de tracklist als ik eraan denk !
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Goede set zoals altijd  ^.^
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On 02-04-2014 17:28:06, TKBeeckman wrote:

Goede set zoals altijd  ^.^

Thx makker  :D
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03. Tymon - Dead Evil
08. could be Negative A - One Man Army