Shoutbox: [07-05] ThaClown: wel een bootleg mash up dan toch

Gnasher @ HardSound Radio - Unknown Dedication

Industrial Hardcore   Darkcore   Hardcore

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Lengte: 00:48:45

Meer info
This is the re-recorded mix from my Unknown Dedication show on HardSound Radio.

This show had exclusive guest mix from Ominous (UK) which is free to download from the HSR soundcloud page.

Useful links below:

Be sure to tune into next months show: Friday 9th of May 2014
with another exclusive guest mix  ;)

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3. Faust vs Cyanur - Hor Zu Du Bass-Star
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5. Dep Affect - Intrusive Thoughts
6. Stormtrooper - Fucking Monsters
7. Redmore - A Une Corde Demain Je Pendrai
8. Razor Edge - Modern Exposure
9. The 7th Genocide - Desyrel
10. Stormtrooper - Bang The Drum
11. Lenny Dee - Strike it Up (Power Tek Mix)
12. Tymon ft. Negative Network - Decapitate (Broken Rules mash mix)
13. Leeloo - French Bitch (Polish Bastard Remix By Moleculez)
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