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F. Noize vs. Andy The Core @ 5 Hour Solo Part 2


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Lengte: 00:44:52

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Live recording of our first Solo in Netherlands(13.05.2015), special thanks to Noisekick productions for the big chance and the support!

Please play it loud and share it!

Check also the Part.3 available soon!

Gestemd door: Sisterinhard Marc_Hardest DjSystemcode Sarge HardT3K-Tic

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1. 3 Steps Ahead - In The Name Of Love (Negative A Refix)
2. DJane RVT - First Mission Mashup
3. The Sickest Squad - New Shit
4. The Endless Souls - Not Gonna Get Us
5. Destructive Tendencies - Fucking Up The Mainstream
6. DJ Skuffa - Hippycrash Mash-Up
7. The Unfamous - Kaboomized Bitch
8. Lady Dammage - Confession
9. N3ar - Growling Monster
10. Darkcontroller & Djane RVT - Rage Night! (200BPM Mash Up)
11. Tieum - Microtonic MashUp (Andy The Core DJ Tool)
12. Sei2ure - Repetitive
13. Satronica ft. Unexist - Fuck The System
14. Out Of Mind ft. Hydroxide - Tear Down The Place
15. The Unfamous - Slut Machine
16. Dave Dope - Extacy
17. The Punisher - Piece Of Shit