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Deterrent Man @ Enter The Cage Challenge #5

Hardcore   Terror

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Finally here it is! The podcast of Deterrent Man! F. Noize challlenged a few weeks back Deterrent Man for the Enter The Cage podcast. Now you can hear the best mix skills from this Italian artist.

We ask Deterrent Man who he would like to challenge for the new Enter The Cage podcast. The new challenge is for...... Lady Dammage!

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1. Unexist ft. Satronica - Burn It All Down
2. N-Vitral - Crispy Bassdrum
3. Deterrent Man - You Comprendes
4. Deterrent Man - Whatsapp Madness
5. D-Fence - Krakaka
6. ID (ID)
7. Destructive Tendencies - I'll Let You Have Your Day
8. Deterrent Man & Onesimk - Whatsapp Madness 2.0
9. Lady Dammage - Confession
10. DJ Mad Dog - Rewind (Andy The Core Remix)
11. Euromasters - Alles Naar De Klote (Neophyte And Evil Activities Remix)
12. The Stunned Guys - Beats Time (Deterrent Man Remix)
13. F. Noize - Lord Of The Underground
14. Chrono & The Demon Dwarf - Doe Eens Ff Rustig Aan (Deterrent Man Remix)
15. Angerfist & Crucifier - Fresh With The Gargle (Partyraiser Remix)
16. Deterrent Man & Hardbouncer - Bring The Suicide
17. F. Noize vs System Overload - Gabbers In Pariz
18. Deterrent Man - Cracks In The Cradle
19. Unexist - Fraud
20. Deterrent Man - Get Da Fuck Out
21. Deterrent Man & The Destroyer - Italy Meets H.K.V. (Dominator Edition)
22. The Sickest Squad - You Suck
23. Drokz & Deterrent Man - Beef With The Police