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Lady Dammage @ Enter The Cage Challenge #6


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And it's time for a new podcast. 2 Weeks ago Deterrent Man has challanged Lady Dammage to mix the new podcast for Enter The Cage with her best mix skills.

Lady Dammage has became more popularity by producing her own sound in the uptempo hardcore!

But... Lady Dammage choose a new artist to show their mix skills. The next challange of Enter The Cage is: Biorekk!

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1. Biorekk - All Of Us 2015
2. The Stunned Guys - Beats Time (Deterrent Man Remix)
3. Andy The Core - Bassment (Onesimk Remix)
4. Deterrent Man - Whatsapp Madness
5. Deterrent Man & Onesimk - Whatsapp Madness 2.0
6. Hardbouncer - Die With Dignity
7. Dave Dope ft. Da Mouth Of Madness - Martyr Of Hardcore
8. Partyraiser & Scrapeface - You're No Competition
9. Lady Dammage - Bass Boom
10. The Unfamous - First Blood
11. System Overload ft. MC Rampage - Geen Genade
12. Lady Dammage - Confession
13. Unproven & Lady Bex - Boogeyman
14. Cryogenic - Underground Madness
15. Lady Dammage - My Empire
16. Andy The Core - Brutal Method
17. Partyraiser & Destructive Tendencies - Sound Becomes One
18. Drokz - Rip It Up
19. Broken Minds ft. Lady Dammage - Thunder God (240 BPM Edit)