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Lady Dammage @ Snakepit 2016 Warm-Up Mix


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Lengte: 00:29:27

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One of the finest pioneers in FAST hardcore is ready to blast the #Snakepit2016 soundsystem! Lady Dammage‚Äč made a warm-up mix that sets the tone perfectly for this first edition.

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1. Lady Dammage - Bitch I Can
2. The Melodyst & Andy The Core - Partycrasher
3. Destructive Tendencies - Taken From Me (Deterrent Man & Cryogenic Remix)
4. Destructive Tendencies - I'll Let You Have Your Day (Lady Dammage Remix)
5. Lady Dammage - Fear Me Bitches
6. Lady Dammage - Fuck It
7. Miss K8 - Battlefield
8. Hardbouncer - Sweet Child In Time
9. Chaotic Hostility - Hardcore Shit (Death Shock Remix)
10. Hardbouncer - Atrocity (Deterrent Man Remix)