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MindPumper @ Snakepit 2016 Warm-Up Mix

Hardcore   Terror

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With this new Warmin'UpTempo Mix by MindPumper, including tracks from artists playing at Snakepit 2016, you WILL be ready for the hardest event around.

Here comes the need for speed. ENJOY and make sure you play it LOUD!


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1. Negative-A ft. Counterfeit - Danger (Need for speed)
2. Scarphase ft. Tha Watcher - Enter The Snakepit (Snakepit 2016 Anthem)
3. Angerfist ft. miss k8 - Bloodrush (Destructive Tendencies Remix)
4. Dr. Peacock ft. Repix - Did you hear
5. Destructive Tendencies - I'll Let You Have Your Day (Lady Dammage Remix)
6. The Sickest Squad - Zombie
7. Partyraiser ft. Scrapeface - You're no competition
8. F.Noize ft. Glenx - Superman 2014
9. Spitnoise - Kill This Bitch
10. Sjammienators - Life's A Bitch
11. Scarphase - Coming Like An Earthquake
12. Drokz - Get Drunk Get High
13. Dr. Peacock ft. Repix - WTF