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Avenge @ Brutal RAW Mix 29


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#29 and counting... I'm almost reaching 30 episodes of 'Brutal RAW'! To be honest, through time, the whole mix in general got less "brutal". This comes along with my personal taste (a wide variety) and which tracks are being released over time. Tracks like 'America' are 10/10 to me, which is the reason they are being featured in my 'Brutal RAW' mixes.... Cba changing the concept name x)

Nevertheless, there are always brutal tracks to find in my mixes. Keep your ears open for: Malice x Rooler x Unresolved x Delete - Xtreme Aggression (Buursen WTF Mashup), Riot Shift - Engage & Rooler & Sefa - Survive the Streets . This stuff is illegal and should be 18+ for sure.

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1. Dark Pact - The Truth
2. Radical Redemption & D-Sturb - Mutilate Them All
3. B-Front & Hard Driver - One By One
4. Clockartz - Welcome To My Rave
5. Radical Redemption - America
6. The Machine - Animals
7. E-Force - Children Of The Dawn
8. D-Sturb & MC Nolz - Conflict Override (Shockerz 2017 Anthem)
9. Qriminal & JACKO - Get Back
10. Riot Shift - Engage
11. Criminal Mayhem - End of Everything
12. Malice x Rooler x Unresolved x Delete - Xtreme Aggression (Buursen WTF Mashup)
13. Rooler & Sefa - Survive The Street
14. Partyraiser & Repix - Ode To The Godfather