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Avenge @ Brutal RAW Mix 31

Hardstyle   Hardcore

Toegevoegd door: avenge @

Lengte: 00:59:31

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IT'S HERE...#31. Kicking off with 2 great anthems followed by Followed and Unity. In other words, kicking off with high class Hardstyle. As you are used from me it's getting rough pretty fast with some killer tracks by less known artists like Cyrex & Jacko. Riot Shift surprised me with Sin & Sentence; so much diversity, dynamics and creativity with DnB influences. Also Krowdexx stepped up their game with the Insanity EP. As always, ending with mad uptempo...SCARPHASE! Enjoy listening. Play it out loud x

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1. B-Freqz ft. Jonjo - Rebirth (Official Anthem 2018)
2. Phuture Noize - Anthem of Freedom (Qapital 2018 Anthem)
3. Rejecta - Followed
4. Artifact - Burried Alive
5. Sub Zero Project ft. LXCPR - Unity
6. D-Sturb & Requiem - Aint Changing Me
7. Cyrex - Stuck In The Ground
8. Krowdexx - Harder Than You Think
10. Krowdexx - To Substance
11. Riot Shift - Sin & Sentence
12. Malice & Thyron - Beat You To Death
13. Caine - Break The Sound
14. Angerfist ft. Tha Watcher - Tournament Of Tyrants (Masters Of Hardcore 2018 Anthem)
15. Deadly Guns ft. Livid - Decimate To Dust
16. Scarphase vs Unproven & FrenchFaces - Finger On The Trigger