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Hardisciples @ History Of Hardstyle Tatanka | Part III: Melodic & Raw


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▶ Since he's celebrating his 25 years of career next month, this is the right time to re-discover the discography of Tatanka.
Tatanka is the very first Hardstyle artist I ever heard live. His performances are always a pleasure to listen to, his dj and production skills are impressive, no wonder he's still there after all this time.

This last part is focused on his Nustyle, Melodic and Rawstyle tracks. Enjoy your goosebumps.

▶ This is a tribute to the most representative artists in the Hardstyle scene.
▶ We think that all the new "members of the Hardstyle family" should know the origins of this style, or the first tracks made by the artists they love.

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1. Tatanka - Mèxico (Mèxico Tour 2012 Anthem)
2. Tatanka - Afrika
3. Tatanka - Tokyo Reload
4. Tatanka - On A Cloud
5. Tatanka - A True Story
6. Tatanka - Feel It (Moments In Life Mix)
7. Tatanka - Eternal
8. Tatanka - AKT
9. Tatanka - OZzie Rave
10. Tatanka - Dat Gigi Thing
11. Tatanka & Kronos - Amb
12. Tatanka - Klassika
13. Tatanka - Arabika
14. Tatanka - Dis-co-tek (2016 Edit)
15. Tatanka - A Brighter Day
16. Tatanka - Don't Give Up
17. Tatanka - Shine Again