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Tatanka - OZzie Rave

Track details

Gereleased in: 2013
Album: OZzie Rave


Oz-oz-ozzie rave

Dorothy just left the rave she went to
And now she's rolling the streets in the land of Oz
How to get back home?
Let's ask the traffic light

Ozzie rave, fuck yeah!

The story goes on and so does the magic
Taking Dorothy way back in time

Ozzie rave, fuck yeah!

How to get back home?
Only the wizard has all the answers
And when she gets there
He finally speaks

If the music is with you
It doesn't matter where you are
Just close your eyes
That will be home

Our land is known around for the kangaroos
When you think about the music it's the didgeridoo
Make some noise for the boys, 'cause we're rolling real bad
And everybody in the party goes like 'fuck yeah!'

Ozzie Rave, fuck yeah! [2x]

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