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Staubfänger @ Dark Technoid 15

Techno   Darkcore

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Dark Technoid Vol. 15 [138 - 165 BPM]

A whole year ago I've posted Dark Technoid Vol. 14.
The Tracklist was very hard to create and I've changed it about 4 times .. So this is it.. Vol. 15.. Back to the "Dark" in "Dark Technoid".

Stay f#ckin Hard!


Dark Technoid Sessions

(Tracks I've used are written, remixed & produced by Dennis Slim, ProdX, Eugen Kunz, Champas, Absolution, Audioappear, Kevin Hader, Tiger Stripes, Manuel Orf aka. Viper XXL, Hidden Empire, Hell Driver, Roentgen Limiter, HP Source, FortyTwo, Destroyer, Jay Lumen, BassAtas, John Doctor, Umek, Strobetech, Slam, D.N.S, Adrian Richter, Noseda, Niklear, Marsi, NoCure, F-Rontal, Clouds, Carl Craig, Synthethik, Rene Hell, Underworld, Noseda, Cubis, Nomad, Ophidian & Villain of the Story)
[I don't own any pictures or tracks I've used]

This is for my uncle.. rest in peace ♥