Shoutbox: [22-07] rakmeister:  :( defqon1 i was there as security xd 3days so no DAB recordings? are there(excist) or are allowed? ill be going to ground zero also as #security xd <3

Staubfänger @ Dark Technoid 16


Toegevoegd door: Riko-Core-Suchti @

Bestandstype: 320 kbit MP3
Lengte: 01:48:16

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Dark Technoid Vol. 16 [137 - 146 BPM]

A melodic Chapter again.. let's start, where vol. 14 endend.
Much love & stay Hard forever  ;)


Dark Technoid Sessions

(Tracks I've used are written, remixed & produced by Tonschaden, Levo Black, Röntgen Limiter, BolsteR, UtzzMann, Woshi, Toxic DNA, Comet, Sascha Audit, Vilith, Timo Revna, Champas, Pig&Dan, Yannik Tella, Cristian Glitch, Hell Driver, Ronny Richter, Yannik Fuchs, HP Source, Toby Rost, Dennis Slim, Mr. Peppers, Eugen Kunz, Soul Dendark, Synthethik, in2Aux, Chris Masc, BassAtas, FortyTwo & Absolution)
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