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TriaMer @ Nekrolog1k Podcast 37

Crossbreed   Drum & Bass

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TriaMer's career has begun in 2007! In 2007 has started to study a musical software that has led to the first free releases! In 2008 its tracks have started to play on Darkwax radio, thanks to it its creativity became recognised! Acquaintance to producers, such as Mumblz, CentaSpike, Zubcore, SFS, Greyone and many other things has the same year begun! The last some months 2008 did not write tracks because of studying of a software new to! And at once in the beginning of 2009 see light releases on FoulPlay recordings and Mindocracy recordings! After that was having rummaged in creativity! In the middle of 2009 dense employment by music has begun, such tracks as Pes-da (SCPTX recordings), Hospital which have got unexpected support from such people as Dj Gis, CounterStrike, Weirdo, Freqax have been written !

After his success, he relesed his own EP called "Techno Power" on Nekrolog1k Recordings. Five years after his first podcast we are proud to presents his new podcast on our channel !!!

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1. Triamer - Drunk boy
2. Freqax - Fragmented
3. The Outside Agency - Nightcaster
4. Triamer & Nagato &vs Sinister Souls - Technical Difficulties
5. Triamer - Broken Music
6. TriaMer & Katharsys & Multiprogramm - Forever Undefined
7. Triamer & Nagato - Bastards
8. Triamer - King is Back
9. Triamer & Nagato Our nation
10. Katharsys - Soul Cleansing
11. Strobcore - Pac man
12. Triamer & Nagato vs Savage - Colombo
13. Triamer - Bombino
14. Triamer - Scandal
15. AK-Industry - Resurgence
16. Triamer & Nagato - Hands Up (DJ Hidden Remix)
17. Triamer & Nagato - Symphony Of Horror