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Marxman @ Nekrolog1k Podcast 38

Crossbreed   Industrial Hardcore

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Marxman's unique style of aggressive yet rhythmic Hardcore and Drum & Bass blended with a distinctive taste and energetic performances are what gives this young talent the edge to stimulate a wide variety of audiences.

Established by exceptional passion and an encyclopaedic knowledge of Hardcore and Drum & Bass, armed with a creative and precise style of mixing, the future of this skilled artist is promising.

Marxman started his musical journey at the surprising age of 14
After winning the Dominator Festival DJ contest in 2018 his success managed to increase like a bat out of hell.

This resulted in countless performances worldwide: Therapy Sessions, Hong Kong Violence, Footworxx, and even the mighty PRSPCT saw potential in this youngster.

With a carefully developed technique and his ability to excite and stimulate the crowd, numerous organisations across the globe took notice in this promising DJ which lead to several appearances in countries like Romania, Poland, England, France, Germany, and even Japan!

Marxman's significant passion for music at a very young age quickly initiated DJ'ing as a creative outlet. His love for Hardcore and Drum & Bass is unalterable. "I don't play music for fans or status, I play music for me. The energy I get from performing in front of a crowd is truly exceptional."

With over 5 years of practice and a carefully developed taste, a hard intense musical experience is guaranteed whenever he performs.


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1. The Hard Way - Sodomizer (East Kingdom Edit)
2. Strobcore - Thyla
3. Traimer & Nagato ft. Switch Technique - Impaled
4. Negative A & Counterfeit - Lost Braincells
5. The Teknoist - Dissoactive Breakdown
6. Kryzys & Sinecore - Impure
7. Kryzys - Lipsum (GoreBug Remix)
8. Switch Technique - Constant Contumacy
9. Ambassador21 - Legion (Matt Green Remix)
10. Switch Technique & Hostage - Glasgow Smile
11. Fragz & Limewax - Flickering Switch
12. Antichristus & The Unlord - Satanic Lust (Peter Kurten & Coman Dante ‘Funky Lust' Remix)
13. AK-Industry - Whitewalkers
14. Negative A & Luxxer - Spellbound (Blaster Remix)
15. DJIPE & The Purge - Reset
16. The Teknoist - Dogfight
17. Coman Dante - Mindless
18. Sub Focus - Timewarp (DJIPE Bootleg)
19. DJipe - Hood Shit
20. Coman Dante & Peter Kurten - The Demons Head
21. N-Vitral & Thrasher - Dogfight
22. The Teknoist - Minty
23. Coman Dante & Neks - The Unknown (‘Marxman Gets Funky' Edit)
24. The DJ Producer - Modus Operandi
25. High Rankin - We'll Do It Live
26. Bartoch - Mental Distorted
27. Rogue - Mental Chaos
28. Penta - Icecrown Massacre (1)
29. Sei2ure - Disfunction
30. Deathmachine - Sick Bass VIP
31. Al Twisted & Necrotic - Screwface (The Satan Remix)
32. Dolphin - Outlier
33. The DJ Producer - Ease Up Selector
34. Detest - Rise Up
35. Hellfish - Fish Rulez
36. Bryan Fury - Ex-It