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Hardisciples @ Music Beyond Stereotypes Vol. 2

Drum & Bass   House   Other

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➤ Imagine a world where everyone listen to everything without being influenced by society, where the music has no boundaries, where quality is never related to popularity, where people can enjoy a dark, underground gritty tune as much as the latest Reggaeton hit.
MBS is dedicated to all those people who likes music regardless the genre it belong. Different music and different moods in each episode.
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1. Hidden Face - Will I Ever Understand Myself
2. Ra Ra Riot - War & Famine (Behave Ferris Remix)
3. K?d - Polluted Blood (Plague Punch Remix)
4. SPYJOKER - I Got The Pills (2019 Remake)
5. WhoøSh & Breach - Jack (Fulgore Mashup)
6. Deadmau5 - Strobe (Matroda Remix)
7. Sass - Human Acceptance
8. Kendoll - O Ren (VIP)
9. 6058 - On Your Way
10. RvNovae - Shibuya Meltdown
11. Kill The Noise & Feed Me - I Do Coke (Reaper Remix)
12. Fisher - Losing It (Tenser Bootleg)
13. yajo x Lukris - hightech
14. D I V I N I T Y ft. Leorinda - Ignite