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Hardisciples @ Music Beyond Stereotypes vol.3 - Weird Edition

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➤ Imagine a world where everyone listen to everything without being influenced by society, where the music has no boundaries, where quality is never related to popularity, where people can enjoy a dark, underground gritty tune as much as the latest Reggaeton hit.
MBS is dedicated to all those people who likes music regardless the genre it belong. Different music and different moods in each episode. This episode is totally dedicated to some of the weirdest tracks I discovered lately.
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1. KRILLA - Hypnotic
2. Glitter Soda - Genesis
3. OG Nixin - Party Alarm
4. Griz ft. Subtronics - Griztronics (Jeeroy Lenkins Remix)
5. B-Dos - Time
6. Fellsius - Ping
7. SUMR CAMP - Pump
8. TYNAN - Diggid (Woof Logik Flip)
9. Barely Great - Space Walkin
10. Captsis - Goat
11. Rvbbish - Oitar
12. DJ Snake - Propaganda (Bass System X Alone Remix)
13. Valentino Khan - Lick It (200DB with another retouch)
14. Okeyden - Lunatik
15. Licid - Lifting Off
16. plusgood - plusgood

hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
I've put dubstep instead of drum & bass  :thumbsup:
Simix -
On 30-11-2019 16:14:09, hardcorerepublic wrote:

I've put dubstep instead of drum & bass  :thumbsup:

Fair enough  :thumbsup2:
hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
It is pretty bass-trap-glitchy  :p