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Fast Ram @ Sounds Of The Amiga Rave Vol.2 (AIAIAI x HÖR DJ Mix Challenge)

Breakbeat   Oldschool   UK Happy Hardcore

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This mix features rare edits, remixes, and original tracks created by some talented musicians who managed to work wonders with some truly primitive hardware, both back in the day and nowadays, and also some of my own original and remix work. The beats range from jungle to happy hardcore to gabber and anything else that would demolish with a proper rave feel, so you better believe that the party will be on!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I personally developed the DJ software running on those Amiga computers. And the emulated Amiga software running on the PS Vita? Yeah, that's mine too. So, if you see me up on that Kreuzberg white-tiled box, just know that you're witnessing some true Amiga rave power!

Massive shouts to the friends who send in exclusive dubs for me to make these mixes, like Phineus II, Soulox, Soeneido, Si Brown and others.

The nerd sheet:
2x Amiga 600 running PT-1210 v1.1 (DJ decks)
1x PS Vita emulating an Amiga running XSD v0.5b (sample launching)
1x Korg KAOSS effect unit
1x mixer
2x hands
100% Amiga tunes

One take, no overdubs, no edits/splicing, live recorded and no funny sync business going on.

If you like what you hear and want to support my music work (including Amiga music development), please give me a follow in the following places, and also consider buying some music off my Bandcamp page. I'll be forever thankful.

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