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Xytec @ Hacking the Machine

Industrial Hardcore

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Lengte: 01:05:38

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1. Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived
2. Catscan - Pallet of Distortion
3. The Outside Agency - Acid Track #1
4. Dep Affect - The Larvae
5. Low Entropy - Urban Uprising
6. Circuit Breaker - Trac-X (Crazy 8's Mix)
7. Peaky Pounder - Fasttalking
8. Double Face - Darkages (Manu Le Malin Remix)
9. Armageddon Project - In The Underworld
10. Dep Affect - Hypersensitive
11. Armageddon Project - Impending Deathtone
12. The DJ Producer - A Journey Of Force
13. Catscan - Drowned Memories
14. The DJ Producer - The signal
15. Manu Le Malin - Crossover
16. Rude Awakening - Day Of Thunder
17. Nukom - Beat ya Ass
18. The Outside Agency - Screaming Phoenix
19. The DJ Producer - Which Hunt
20. Pilldriver - Pitch-Hiker
21. Zenith - Flowers Of Intelligence
22. Drokz - I Can't Be Dissed

Damustrial -
Tracklist  :worship:
Heb je die van Mental Wreckage ook nog...?
raver070 -

Alles is opgenomen, maar vanaf Mental Wreckage t/m Vexer vs. Explicit waren er problemen met de monitoren.

Ik wacht op reaktie van oa. Mental Wreckage of z'n set online mag...
bucketmaster -
love this set man - been listenin to it every morning in my van before work. And it has ma fav tune on it Darkages (Manu le Malin Remix)

nice work Xytec - whoever you are

hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -