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The Outside Agency - Acid Track #1

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Gereleased in: 2004
Album: Weapons Of Ass Destruction Vol. 3 [GEN003]


Hey kids, alright
This here's a jail cell
Sorry it smells like jizz
But euh, we had this fella in here, crystal meth tweaker fella
And he would stick his head in the toilet and fill it with water and spit it on the floor
By morning, there was about a half an inch of water
Then he climbed up there, and you see that light fixture?
He yanked it down out of the ceiling, and he pulled the wires apart
He attached them to either side of the metal bars
So in the morning, one of the deputies came in, touched his key
Bam! Just fried that son of a bitch
His belt buckle, it got so hot, it just fell right through the leather of his belt
And it kept going, and it sliced his balls off
Cauterized those balls as it was going, so there wasn't even a drop of blood
Two balls on the ground
No blood, cauterized
Any questions?

All I have in this world is my balls-balls..
Do you understand?

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