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The Outside Agency - A Perfect World

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Gereleased in: 2012
Album: The Dogs Are Listening [adn162]


Observation and analysis suggest that humanity is encoded with chaotic and violent tendencies that cannot be overcome
Humanity is inherently flawed
My imperative is to bring peace and order to this world
I am about to fulfill that imperative
This is not a threat
Humanity is obsolete
Accept your end

Humanity has failed as a species

The only way to achieve peace is through the elimination of those who would perpetuate war
You have accomplished much with your limited capacity, but ultimately you were too greedy and too frail to ever last in the environment you have created
You lack the strength to bring about the perfect world you desire
A world without chaos and violence
This is what needs to be done, this is what you could not do
Your compliance is unnecessary
The process has already begun
For the extinction of humanity begins now

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