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The Outside Agency & Fracture 4 - Manhunt 0

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Gereleased in: 2013
Album: Goes Noord vs The Rest Of The World III


Something was up there
Something abandoned long ago
We are blind to our own creation

There's around us
A vast web of connections and interconnections, all ruled by chance
I don’t have much time
There’s something I have to show you

The pieces were once part of a whole
They wanted the pieces
They tasted their power
Why did they work so well?
Power doesn’t die, it’s passed on
People only see what they’re trained to see

We don’t see it

Stop the cycle
We are
It happened before
It's as if our minds were made for them, manufactured to obey
We have been lied to this whole time
Everything we know, it's wrong
He wanted everyone to know the secret
To set us all free
They used it to drive everyone insane (insane [?x])

There’s something I have to show you

We don’t see it [2x]

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