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Nosferatu - The Wolves Of Creation (The Outside Agency Remix)

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Gereleased in: 2009
Album: Nocturnal By Nature [ENZYME 32]


And just remember who wrote that song...
Me, baby, me!

I'm glad I fuckin' did this test on you
Because, man, I could've made a total ass of myself
You fuckin' passed the test, ok?
But barely...
You know what you got?
AAAH! OH! click

AHH shut up!
It is non stop!
And the other thing is it sounds EVEN BETTER!
Shut up! Fuck you! You fuckin' dick!
Always ney saying, everything I create!
You piece of shit, you create something!
You fucking shit!
You fucking sit in your tower
Fuckin', fuck yeah, fuckin'... cockass!
Fucking nap... what's funny?

And the other thing is it sounds EVEN BETTER

-Ow God, Hey! What're ya doin?
Yeah, that's right it's a karate chop!
-What're ya doin?
Well if you didn't like that, how 'bout this?


See it's fuckin' simple, that's one song in the bank

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