Shoutbox: [27-06] pointlesspoint: Heeft iemand een idee of de track Count Negative & Mc Drokz - Death Of A Zombie ergens digitaal aangeboden wordt? Ik wil de track verwerken in een hardcore try-out mix. Drokz zelf antwoordt niet op Soundcloud etc.

Dione - Highway To Hell (2013 Refix)

Track details

Gereleased in: 2002
Album: Various - Hellraiser E.P. [MRV060]


-This is the road to hell

Stood still on a highway
I saw a woman
By the side of the road
Well she walked up to my quarterlight
And she bent down real slow
A fearful pressure paralyzed me
In my shadows
I said mama I come to the valley of the rich
Myself to sell
She said son this is the road to hell

-This is the road to hell


-This is the road to hell

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