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Gearbox Owns The Night

1st of August 2012

GMT + 1

20.00 - Pred
21.00 - DJ Practice
22.00 - Open Source
23.00 - Shaun T

Pred is celebrating a brand new release on the Gearbox Digital label this week with the massive Bangerz & Masherz E.P. with the two tracks, Digital Wasteland and Signalz, destined to do damage in the trackitdown charts and on the dance floors. Pred will also be playing live at Gattisfaction this weekend coming so those of you from down under, make sure you catch this set and make it along to what looks to be a very exciting gig indeed.

DJ Practice will also be playing at Gattisfaction this weekend and not for his production skills but for his undeniable skills on the decks. DJ Practice always plays out the most unusual and exciting of tracklists with very dark tones that run right through the mix that progresses through the gears in true Gearbox style.

Open Source is a name making quite an impact on the hard dance scene at the moment with his blend of tech dance and hardstyle influences. He is most well known for his release on Compulzion called 2012 which included a Lee Mac remix that has been heard by the masses. Open Source has a lot more to offer from his productions though as this producers showcase will reveal.

Shaun T is the man from Manchester with some unbelievable skills behind the decks. A track packed hour that again, progresses through the Gears. This man is also making headwaves on the label side of things with his label Universal Nations releasing some really awesome tracks of late.
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Gearbox Owns The Night

8th of August 2012

GMT + 1

20.00 - David Rust
21.00 - DJ Thera
22.00 - DJ W
23.00 - Ninjatek

This is David Rust's first mix since the massive success of his release on Gearbox Digital called Reversion. Since then Rusty has had some really exciting new projects, the one which is sure to be on his mind more than any is the track he recently made for AID's upcoming album release called 'Nostromo'. Rusty now looks set to make his way into the hearts of the Dutch people which will hopefully see him perform at some major upcoming events.

Dj Thera, the man, the myth, the legend. Dj Thera is obviously well known for his work within the Hardstyle scene more than anywhere, but his Therabyte label also releases a lot of exciting Hard Trance productions as well. Hard Trance is etched within Thera in all his productions as he comes from the generation who's major influence within Hardstyle was Hard Trance. This mix is a perfect way for Thera to show where many of his influences came from in this classics mix which will blow your mind.

DJ W, this week celebrates his very first release on Gearbox Digital called The M3ss3nger and we have no doubt that it will be making a big impact within the scene. DJ W is fresh from a really strong couple of months of production and in this mix he demonstrates why he is regarded as one of the best talents in the business right now.

Ninjatek is the man from Ireland who has been on the show previously and in this mix he will infuse some new hard electric sounds, some hard trance with wicked reverse bass and then topping off the night with a bit of Hardstyle at the end.
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Gearbox Owns The Night

15th of August 2012

GMT + 1

20.00 - Lee Mac
21.00 - Dean Zone
22.00 - Tranz-Linquants & Jonzzo
23.00 - Busho

Lee Mac kicks off the newest episode of Gearbox with something a little different. Taking a lot of Techno and Dubstep into this mix, Lee show's his versatility as a DJ.

Continuing another fantastic night on Gearbox, Dean Zone celebrates his new release on Gearbox Digital, called Gaia, Dean really packs a punch with a massive set full of hard trance bangers including a lot of new material from the man himself.

The Melted Crayon Podcast with Tranz-Linquants (Kujin Fu) and Jonzzo is another action packed hour with something completely different to what you are likely to have heard before. Exploring both the hard trance and hardstyle scene of the UK, expect to hear a lot of tunes you haven't yet heard.

Busho this time seeks out his back catalogue of live sets and gives us the chance to hear how he ripped upthe clubs back as early as 2008.
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Gearbox Owns The Night

22nd of August 2012

GMT + 1

20.00 - Dermot Bateman
21.00 - Desudo
22.00 - Loony
23.00 - Kaotic

Dermot Bateman is celebrating his very first release on Gearbox Digital next week and with the KloneZ remix as well as a thumping original, Flashbacks looks as though it is going to do some serious damage up and down dancefloors all over the world.

Gearbox owner Desudo is fresh after making a guest mix for Fausto's crossover which showcased many of the major releases on Gearbox Digital, this week he goes for something a little more techy with some great classics as well as some brand new tracks to the Gearbox label.

Loony will again do what he does best, and that is absolutely smash it! Never a dull moment in a mix from Loony, wicked reverse bass throughout and a lot of older classics thrown in for good measure.

The last mix from the night comes from a fairly unknown resident DJ of the Manchester area, but it won't be long before he is recognised as one of the best DJ's on the circuit. This amazing mix really takes on the Gearbox theme as it ranges from softer housier influenced tunes to start and finishes with some blinding Hardstyle. Kaotic tops off another quality night on Gearbox.
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Gearbox Owns The Night

19th of Sept 2012

GMT + 1

20.00 - Johann Stone
21.00 - Lee Mac
22.00 - The Sixth Sense
23.00 - Loony
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